Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Origin of the Lady Of Fire is base on my imagination By Adoniemar Doliguez

The Origin of the Lady Of Fire
Adoniemar Doliguez

There was a man who is a farmer he is working all by him self, he never thought about the marriage. The only things that come from his mind are to be rich. One day in their city he sees about the celebration, and they are celebrating about the lady of fire. That who ever can catch it has a price a big price that cost more than 24 gold bars will be given. Because of this the determination is highly full of spirit. One day as he walk he think about “where he could find the Lady of fire” then he saw a tree that has been burn and a woman of it who’ been burn what he did is that he run and save the girl but the automatically disappears. Then the farmer think that it is the “Lady of fire” when he arriving went back home he saw a beautiful woman the thing that he understand that he felt love. The woman was kind and approaches him, and said “can you help me?” then the man answer that “what is it”. “there are many man who is searching for me” answer by the Lady. The farmer bring the woman into their house after that, they heard people voice. But the farmer has been caught and the people ask him that “here the Lady of Fire” The farmer didn’t answer but the girl show her self. then the nation put the girl to a wood and burn her, and suddenly the girl didn’t burn, then the girl wish to the King of the Moon that “I wish I could be the bird” then the girl become a bird and called the Phoenix of fire.

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