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Lupang Tinubuan ( english version)

The train will sail in the middle of the complex noises. Shout the children of vendor documentation, Tribune, mama, Tribune, Journal? Consuming nap o. Dawn, a new. Rumors of intrust for temporary safekeeping and disclosures. Do not forget, Sindo, the chin is in Sta. Isabel, see the station. Temiong, do not drop the mabitiw-bag ones. Stray thieves, look out! Hello to You that Uweng. Sela, to tell the Easter we go home. The permit you Kiko, you mawaglit. Welcome Travel, Mrs. Enriquez. Smile ka naman, Ben, not there and I removed susulta me every day. Hello only. Bye. Bye. Up again.The train has risen slowly and act. H-s-s-s-Tsug. Tsug. Left behind by the twilight of Danding Tutuban, and they napagitna in free air and the light of morning.Breathe relieved his Aunt Juana and said, 'Thank you and we nakatulak well. There to heat the station. 'His Uncle Goryo is nakadungaw and observing the house and plants dinaraanan.The movement of machines now quickly na't unison, apparently a heart throb no doubt. Napawing clouds seem to mind the mess of Danding and the noise going, and show up the purpose of their return to Malawig. Speaking to his na Tiay Juana, 'The dead is Tata Inong you, your nephew and cousin Lola we Asyang your father. He's someone he was alive. 'The Danding is sinagian of solitude, although he never saw a dead relative. The pagkabanggit his father's touch some part of his heart and his feelings naglapit the unknown dead. He remembers that Malawig born, raised and nagkaisip his father. Turn him on his Aunt Juana and asked what type of village that, whether rich or poor, whether remote or close to town. And as to who aapuhap his wonderful memory ate is formed in the mind of na Danding a pleasant picture, and blossomed in his heart the remarkable interest.In the first vision, the Malawig is no difference in any village Kallagitnaang Luzon. A hundred narrow, winding, natatalukapan of thick and yellow-nilaw dust. Bamboo trees, mango, coconut and Acacia. Homes that, most old and suntan the walls and roof. Pasalit alternately, a store not mapagwari if tititigan nearby. There and ditto, nasisilip despite the sparse row of houses. And above all, smiling and full of sheen morning, the blue, clear and cloudless sky.'No good here but the sky,' saying the driver of a quizzical karitelang sinasakyan them. Danding struggle of the Sulak of failure on his chest. 'Hindi naman po,' the slow his response. He told the village like this were born and nagsilaki del Pilar and other heroes of the race, and such fields nagtining the heroic spirit of the rebellion against the Spaniards. The memories that are comforting him, gave new form to everything in the environment.Kay rami na his relatives there. Not disrupt the continuous-introduction of his Aunt Juana. They Tasyo your Grandfather, and they your Lola Ines. The cousin to John, Seling, Marya and Asyas. Bito your Nana. Your Tata Enteng. Salute and smile here, kiss the hand there. Relatives near and far, real and stain only, adults and children. All yata people at home, from the nangasapuno the ladder until nagasaloob are all relatives of Danding. 'Fortunately only natural and pug-nosed I,' he told the. 'If not now probably dull.'Because they only nagsipanggaling in Manila, the assembly was napako kina Danding the attention of all. The sound kamustahan. Balana to Danding asked what the status of her sick father and his mother was only now bumubuhay their families. Sinulyapan his Aunt Juana was Danding and tried to catch the question. He sated that the susceptibility of his nephew, and he knew the fortune of the father are Talusaling wounds to its heart. But he did not forestall a response sai Danding, that now seems light mouth feel and discourage the presence of relatives now only known.A thin wall of sawali the only intermediate in the lobby and the innermost of the house, which kinabuburulan the dead. And an open outlet, which napapalamutihan both sides of white curtains that catch the pinagbuhol Lasong black, there is no stopping the pagyayaut-yaot here of people sympathetic to the death, observing the body. But the entry of entry Danding has its different feel. Napawi his hearing the rumors out, and his heart dumampi the silence of death. He slowly comes to the coffin, and watched the face of the body. White, pleasant open, one looks nagbabandila with honesty and courage. Nabakas of Danding the width of the forehead, the eyes not quite pagkakapikit, and the shape of the nose, the slight resemblance to his father. Suddenly felt pity and sorrow.'You Nana nababati the Marya you,' the still small reminder of his Tita Juana. 'And your cousin was Bining,' the silent other claim. Kiss the hand was Danding wife of late, and sat down beside of Bining, but he had no such thing. Filled his heart. Shortly after he reached a nearby table album, opened it, and muni-pinagmuni the mysterious and powerful connection of blood nagbubuklod people.Pagkakain lunch is Danding went down and was headed for the field on the back of the house. Past that time of harvest, and the yield namandala ana. Clean the bare ground, which naglalatang the heat of the day. Danding was sat under a lot of bamboo trees, and watched the roundabout.Nearby, her left side, there was his Grandfather who Tasyo nagkakayas of bamboo. The blade is somewhat adult glittering gem today. Arose was Danding and comes to adult. Si Lolo Tasyo the first speaker.'Comparative thy father,' he said this.'Bakit po?''Anxiety in the midst of many; love you more alone.''There are moments pong need a man to be alone.''That was also when speaking, children might think the parent.''Do You witnessed his youth?''Witnessed' Napahalakhak Tasyo si Lolo. 'The child is! I nagbaon the placenta of the father. I will make her first toy. He immediately orphaned father. 'Grandfather was suddenly sits Tasyo and taught mentally boundaries of the field. 'There he often fly a kite in the tiny young. The other compartment he fell to the buffalo, as sometimes come to me to plow. Hurt him then, I thought he did not stop kaiiyak. 'Turned the old and tiningala the mango trees in their rear. 'On top of this tree pinaakyat and the father pinagtago an afternoon, in heat of revolution, when mabalitaang with huramentadong Spaniards to come. And there, sat you earlier, there he written his first poem-a short praise the beauty of one of the woman he met in town. Mischief may treasure the father. 'Si Danding smiled. 'The single po bang that caused a pagkakaluwas her in Manila?''Yes,' Grandfather was natigilan Tasyo seem nalalasap to the memory occurred. 'They caught next to a stack of rice.''Caught po?''Yes - in light of aandap flicker-star.'More love Danding ask was, but he remembered the dead and the people at home, lest she seek. Gradually he cut the conversation they Tasyo of Lolo, and left the adults in its memory.'What you watched the field?' The joke usisang one of his newly discovered cousin.'The sun,' replied the Danding, pikit time of his strange eyes and almost see the dusk that seemed nakalambong home.The tomb is in the side of the church, things nagpapagunita to Danding God curse of Adam's children, and the sad and bound - they pagkakawalay disease, that death only ends completely. Nagunita her to this small bakurang of dead Resting the dust of his ancestors, the humble remains of the Katipunan, the hope, love, sadness and happiness, of proud hopes and failures which to shoot him of his clan. Light tread of Danding in soft ground, and he tried not to touch even the smallest plants.Ready to pit. Nothing but the remainder is pocketing and pagtatabon the coffin. But the last moment is opened again the caps across the face of the body, so it is sometimes more glimpse of the orphan.Broken the silence and the glottal ruled that the lamentation and the cry of mute more heartrending than loud crying.Pinagtiim of Danding his tooth, but despite his sobriety was nangingilid he felt tears in his eyes.Once cloud who all his vision. Nilunod heart of his extreme grief and likely feel that he was experiencing a kind of death. Anxiety and trying to breast feelings, Danding was gently nagpaunang away and return home.Did he unify so when he saw that someone left at home is patalilis went to the field. The declining day, and beginning to cool the air. The gray twilight hand is nakaamba to the air. Danding was stopped next to lot of bamboo and wiped the sweat from his face and neck.The peace of the field is somewhat of a hands on mother humahaplos burning the forehead of Danding. He breathed deeply, sat on the ground, and ipinikit the eyes. Gently inunat his feet, itinukod ground the palm; binayaang look and play with his troubled face the mild air.To cold and to smell the air that.He gradually pinanawan of sorrow and doubt, and the tired natiwasay his body. The plot of land, which is born of his father, was napanatag his heart.Palakas palakas the air, containing the smell of earth and fragrance to the rice nakamandalang! Danding remembered by the story of Grandfather Tasyo about his father, and he smiled secretly. Pagsasaranggola in the field, the fall in the buffalo, the virgin pile of rice, all nananariwa his memoirs. Chuckle Danding was meticulous and well-especially the more he pagkakasalampak ground. It looks like a tree kababaon the root there, he felt that relevance in the field sometimes nadilig tears and the laughter echoes of his father.Once that is apparently held by Danding Palm called the secret love of homeland. He understands why the exile abroad is very serious punishment, and why nawawalay children are sumasalunga storm and flood to get home only to Mother Town. Why not hesitate blood were filed Rizal and Bonifacio.Despite the valiant an exceptional sentence of concern, and the death of the heroes are nasulyapan of Danding the patch, which kinatitirikan their homes, kinabubuhayan their relatives, their companion and secret hiding heritage of their families. He smiled again.Toward the shore he heard the voice, and he nauulinigan called his name. He slowly stood. Evening, the dark bite everywhere. No moon and the sky with darkness. But he nababanaagan the end of kawayang nakapanood creation of the first poem of his father, and some flicker of aandap-witness of the first stars love it.

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