Thursday, November 19, 2009

the legend of 4 leaves clover

The legend of 4 leaves clover
Adoniemar Doliguez

There was a girl name shena this girl is kind, honest and most of all thoughtful. This girl have full of ambition but there is one thing that cannot make her happy. She doesn’t have any friend because she is poor, only her grandma is her friend. One night her grand ma tells her a story about the clover, the legend of the 4 leaves clover. Many said that if you could find one of these clovers you can wish anything. So! Shena started her search. In park but she cannot find one then she saw a man who is in the tree this man is looking for something. And shena approach the man that “what is he looking for” but the man did not replied, the man continue his research then. A man replied “I am looking for 4 leaves clovers. And shena laugh, and the man get anger and said “ why? Does other people don’t believe me in my sorry?”, and Shena replied I am not laughting about what you doing but I laugh because we the same doing I am searching for the clovers too.” After that they search and search so! The man ask shena that why is that you are looking for the clovers, shena replied that because “I need to wish that I want to have friends “and the man shock. Ar you sure that is your purpose. Then shena ask the man that why did also looking for the clovers the started his story “ the story was this the clover with 4 leaves can be seen once in 20 years and his grandfather is looking for the clover more than 18 years and I want to accomplish the search of my grandfather. After they talking they search and search again until the night come. Everyday they are searching in the 4 clover until one week later at the park besides in the forest shena see the 4 clover and was shock and she run to the man, and the man smile for almost a years he could say that it is beautiful. What they did is have a picture taking after that shena give the clover into the man but the man did not accept it but instead he gave it to shena. So shena run to their house to find her grandmother to tell that he see the clover but her grandmother is sick. What she did is wish that she want her grandmother to be healed. Then her grandmother is healed, then her grandma ask why did you do that shena. You must wish that you would have friends. And shena replied no grandmother you are my friend. The story talk that anyone can be friends evens our family.

The end
this story are base on a true to life story this is believing about the legend of a clover, right now i am also looking for a clover with 4 leaves more than a 7 years now but i didn't find one.

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