Monday, December 14, 2009

The Great Rapture of the eye chapter 1

The Great Rapture of the eye


Adoniemar Doliguez

Do you know what the meaning of the rapture is, if you do? Will many people say that the great rapture of the God was one of the dangerous because it is showing His gilt to the human? This story is tell about what is the happening to the world in the rapture Lets see if John can Survive the Great Rapture of the eye.

At the age of 24, in the world that I leave is full of new Gadget and the latest Gadget you ever had. You could Fly through cars you can Explore the whole universe, you can buy through the money in your hand microchip, and you can see all over the world that robot is the one of the servant of human. Which is? You can tell it what should it do, and a robot that can fight through it there will be no human will fight. The great religious belief is spread there are many religious in the world. The 2 biggest religions combined and become one. There are people who believe that the, “the end” the world is already start which is now started. I don’t have any Family in my life I’m the only one is existing in my life. Because I grown in Orphanage. My only wish to God is that I can see my family, but that wish didn’t allow me to see it. There was a time I go to mall I see many hold up and thief and killing, yes I can see that this world is being sin full, when the time comes that I went to the church I see that the priest is preparing for the wisdom he gave.

At night there is news about the coming of God which I never watch it. Then there was a man who said that “o! Hail to my people the day that you had been waiting is now is here” The God is me. There is another news about that said “I’m the real God that God you see is not true, if you believed in me I will give you eternity”. My mind being doesn’t no which is the real God. And news again shown that the 1st God said that there shall be great typhoon, and what he said had been true there are many people beside him and the other god said that, the ocean will be separated to land. The things did was the ocean water had been divided into 2. There are many people had been beside him. The war begins but the True is the 2 God is not true because they are Demons sent by the fallen angel. And the Real God show in clouds and said behold my children I’m your real Father that 2 is fake.

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